Care, compassion and company.

At Warrnambool West Primary School we understand the huge educational, social and emotional benefits that animals in schools bring to all learners. Some of the benefits for our students include:

  • Stimulate learning/new ways to learn.
  • An increasing engagement in school and learning.
  • Instilling a respect for life and a sense of responsibility
  • Bringing an increased sensitivity and awareness of the needs of others.
  • Increased self esteem and confidence.
  • Chance to practice nurturing skills, especially important for boys.
  • Increased pride in school

Each term Senior students are chosen to be ‘Zoo Keepers’.  They have the responsibility of feeding our animals, cleaning their enclosures and correctly handling them. They are taught these skills by our teachers and are provided with detailed written instructions on the ‘care needs’ of each animal.

Our Spotted Python resides in our Principal’s office and is cared for under supervision.

At present our Mini-Zoo consists of 6 species of animals (all Australian natives):

  • Green Tree Frogs
  • A Blue Yabby
  • A Murray River Turtle (with fish for company)
  • A Spotted Python
  • An Eastern Blue Tongue Lizard
  • A Blotched Blue Tongue Skink

We hold current and correct Wildlife handling and ownership certificates.