Welcome to KLASS.  At Warrnambool West Primary School, we work closely with all of our students, families, elders, school community and organisations (indigenous and non-indigenous) to ensure that all learners are provided with the best possible learning environment.

The KLASS or Koorie Learning and School Space is an area within our school that provides a physical space and resources that is used for developing both student and community understandings of our Indigenous people, their heritage and culture.

The Aboriginal people of Warrnambool and surrounding districts have a long and proud history. At Warrnambool West Primary School we value the importance of sharing all facets of this significant part of our local and Australian heritage.

We also appreciate that all learners, from indigenous and non-indigenous backgrounds, must be given as many opportunities as possible to be immersed in all aspects of a culture to appreciate and understand it.

The KLASS can be utilised in a number of ways:

-perhaps even in conjunction with ‘Pittern Gill’ (meaning Grass Tree) – our indigenous garden and ‘fire pit’:

  • as a student learning area (special event days, activities and guest speakers).
  • as a staff learning area.
  • as an area for ‘meetings’ for local school leaders and organisations.
  • as a gathering place for indigenous elders and community members.
  • as a space to access and display information (both digital and printed)

Marrung Aboriginal Education Plan

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land, the Peek Whurrong  people of the Gunditjmara Nation in which Warrnambool West Primary School is located.

We would also like to thank Wayne Harradine and Steve Young, Koorie Engagement Support Officers (KESO) from Department of Education and Training (DET) and Joel Wright from VACL (Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for  Languages ), for their valued and continued support of Warrnambool West Primary School.