Visual Arts at Warrnambool West Primary School is a creative program designed for students to explore, create and respond to art. Over their years of primary school students learn appropriate terminology to discuss art works and begin to gain an awareness of ways ideas and feelings are explored and developed in their own art forms.

The Visual Arts program is developed according to the requirements outlined in the Victorian Curriculum. Students learn about artworks from different cultures and time as inspiration to create their own visual art. They explore and use a wide variety of materials, techniques, technologies and processes specific to particular art forms. Our art program is integrated with topics learnt in class ensuring students are making connections to all aspects of their learning. Each year level is involved in collaborative art projects helping students develop their teamwork skills and communication with their peers. Our art program provides tasks that require problem solving skills where individuality and creativity are valued. Warrnambool West Primary School provides an environment for students to explore and build their passion for creativity. At West, every child is an artist!

Music and Performing Arts

Music and Performing Arts is an engaging and well-rounded program at Warrnambool West Primary School. Our program aims to develop a love of music within the students, fostering their interests and talents, whether it be singing, playing an instrument, dancing or acting. Students attend a music lesson each week. These lessons focus on developing students’ knowledge and skills around basic music concepts, such as beat, rhythm and pitch, as well as activities to foster vocal and instrumental skills. Throughout each term, students have the opportunity to perform at Friday assemblies. The highlight of our program is the annual concert in term 3 which provides a showcase for what students have been learning in both music classes and the classroom with the whole school community turning out for this event.