Student Leadership

WWPS Student Leadership Group logo

What is ‘Student Voice’: Student Voice is the individual and collective perspective and actions of young people within the context of learning and education.

At Warrnambool West Primary School we value and actively  promote our students and their ‘voice’  We are proud of our Student Leadership Group and the contributions that they make to the planning, organising and running of numerous and varied school and community activities.

Our Student Leadership Group consists of 2 School Captains, 2 School Vice Captains and 4 House Captains.

At Warrnambool West we know that a proactive and well mentored Student Leadership Group and student involvement really matters and can have many positive effects on all students and their learning outcomes. Some of these include:

  • Students learn better when they are engaged partners throughout the educational process.
  • Students learn more effectively when taught by peers.
  • When students plan educational activitiestheir investment, ownership, and consequent learning is greatly increased.
  • Student Voice is about School Improvement. Involving students can significantly improve adult leadership throughout education.
  • Students can become more effective learners when their emotional, intellectual, and social needs are met.
  • Engaging student voiceincreases students’ leadership abilities.
  • Engaging student voice throughout education teaches young people the responsibilities required to be a citizen in a democratic society.

Some of the key responsibilities of our School Leaders Group include:

  • Running school assemblies
  • Deciding on new school House names for WWPS
  • Writing reports for the weekly newsletter.
  • Representing WWPS at special ceremonies and events.
  • Acting as ‘Tour Guides’ to visitors of the school on special occasions.
  • Organising fundraising events to support various charities and school programs
  • Assisting with the planning for the improvement of school facilities.
  • Reporting to School Council on school based concerns.
  • Attending the Deakin University Student Leaders Congress

Our Student Leaders are our Role Models.  As Role Models they must:

  • Be reliable, responsible and trustworthy.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • Be capable of doing their job.
  • Be able to show empathy towards others.
  • Use manners always.
  • Always be friendly and act as a good friend should.
  • Always show self-discipline.
  • Be their ‘best self’ at all times.