At Warrnambool West Primary School we have our own exceptionally well resourced Science Lab. Science is taught from Prep through to Year Six as part of our STEM program.

We use inquiry learning to teach Science.  Rather than presenting facts first, questions are presented and students work through finding evidence to answer these questions.

Students learn to work effectively as a team in the role of Manager, Speaker & Director.

One key concept is studied throughout each unit of work. Whilst studying this concept, students work on developing their skills in:

  • Questioning & predicting
  • Planning and conducting experiments
  • Processing and analysing data
  • Evaluating their results and communicating their ideas.

We enhance our Science program through incursions and excursions with:

  • Biolab – sports science
  • The Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC)
  • Earth Ed
  • Ecolinc
  • Warrnambool College and Brauer College
  • Deakin University
  • Solar Boat Challenge
  • Science Week Expos
  • Competitions e.g. Paper Planes Competition