Our Curriculum

Creating Lifelong Learners

At Warrnambool West Primary School our collective passion is teaching and learning and we aim for excellence in all that we do. Learning programs at Warrnambool West are differentiated, meaning each program is planned based upon the needs of our students and regularly adjusted to reflect the changing needs of each individual child.

In each classroom, students work individually and in small groups with peers of similar abilities so that they are all challenged to extend their learning every day in every classroom. All learners are encouraged to ‘inquire’, pose questions, investigate solutions, make choices, work collaboratively as well as independently and most importantly, they are encouraged to think more deeply for themselves.

In the Primary years, children need a sound start to their education in an environment where positive attitudes, self-esteem, a sense of achievement and a love of learning are established.

Our curriculum is based on the Victorian Curriculum which aims to prepare students for a world in which knowledge is highly valued and constantly changing. To be successful, students need a broad range of knowledge and social, personal and thinking skills.

Discipline Based Learning – Students obtain knowledge, skills and behaviours in English, Mathematics, Science, Language (Japanese), Humanities and The Arts.

Physical, Personal and Social Learning – Students learn about themselves and their place in society. They learn how to stay healthy and active (PE and Sport). Students develop skills in building social relationships and working with others. They take responsibility for their learning, and learn about their rights and responsibilities as global citizens.

Interdisciplinary Learning – Students explore different ways of thinking, solving problems and communicating. They learn to use a range of technologies to plan, analyse, evaluate and present their work. Students learn about creativity, design principles and processes.

At Warrnambool West Primary School Literacy and Numeracy provide the core of the curriculum and many learning areas are integrated into theme based curriculum.

Victorian Curriculum: Foundation - 10

The Victorian Curriculum