At Warrnambool West Primary School student Numeracy programs are planned and taught at ‘point of need’,  through data collected by the classroom and support teachers. Tasks are hands on. Our teachers aim to make maths meaningful for our students by linking lessons to real life matters.

Through  engaging in Mathematical activities in school, students work towards the following:

  • Acquire mathematical skills and knowledge so they can deal confidently and competently with daily life
  • Develop knowledge and skills in using mathematics for employment, further study and interest
  • Be able to interpret and communicate quantitative and logical ideas accurately
  • Recognise the fundamental importance of mathematics to the functioning of society
  • Understand and appreciate the nature of mathematical thinking, the processes by which mathematics changes and its cultural role
  • Understand the dynamic role of mathematics in social and technological change
  • Use technology appropriately and effectively to support the learning of mathematics, and in carrying out mathematical activities in context.