Getting to and from WWPS

Bicycles and scooters:

Storage is provided for bicycles and scooters. There is no riding of bicycles or scooters in the school grounds.  For safety reasons children are to wheel their bicycles from the school gate, to and from the bike storage area at all times.

Car Parking – ‘dropping off’ and collecting children:

There is short term car parking at the front of the school in Hoddle Street and car parking in Tait Crescent at the rear of the school.

Please drive safely in these areas at all tmes.

School Crossings:

School crossings are situated across Hoddle Street, Laverock Road and Morriss Road.  These crossings are manned by Municipal Council personnel between 8.05am – 9.05am and 3.15pm – 4.00pm.

Children are to cross these roads only at the crossings and must obey instructions of the Crossing Supervisor at all times.

School Buses:

Students living a distance from Warrnambool West Primary School may have the option of travelling to and from school via the Warrnambool School Bus Network.

Staff supervise the school bus stop both before and after school to ensure that student safety and school bus safety guidelines are adhered to at all times.

If your child requires the school bus services, please contact our office and complete the Application for Student School Bus Travel and return to Brauer College (co-ordinating school for school bus services).

Warrnambool School Bus Routes

Warrnambool School Bus Student Code of Conduct