Meet Stuart ..... Our Motivational Meerkat

Hi.  My name is Stuart.  I am a Meerkat.

Although originally from the Kalahari Desert in Botswana, Africa,

I now call Warrnambool West Primary School my home.

I have travelled near and far (and done some amazing things) to be here and have decided to stay here for quite some time.

I just love the friendly and helpful students and teachers.

They are always interested in learning and really care for and look after each other. A lot like Meerkats really!


Why am I an important part of WWPS?

Apart from my immense cuteness factor………

I represent what Warrnambool West Primary School is all about…..

  • Meerkats care for each other.
  • Meerkats are supportive of everyone in our mob.
  • Meerkats are inclusive. Everyone in our family helps to raise and protect the young.
  • Meerkats are quick lifelong learners and we are all engaged within our community.


I even write an article each week in our school newsletterMeerkat Mutterings!