Mahogany Kindergrten

A beautiful early learning centre

Mahogany Kindergarten is situated within (but is a separate facility to), the grounds of Warrnambool West Primary School.  We are a new Early Years educational facility only opening in 2014.

We are now offering 3 year old kinder.


We aim for the children in our service to have the best experience they can; with other children and adults. We want them to be safe, valued and heard, well engaged, getting the most out of the moments they are in.

We want them to feel connected to the learning community, West Warrnambool PS community, our wider community, as well as the world as a whole. We want them to be on a journey of discovering who they are as an individual in this life.

We acknowledge the importance of PLAY as one of the healthiest ways a child digests life’s experiences. Giving children opportunities for long uninterrupted periods of engagement that is child directed.

We create dynamic learning environments, providing collaborative and inclusive play, rich in open, natural materials, and loose parts, which provide invitation for exploration, investigation and experimentation. We give attention to the health-giving rhythms of rest and healthy movement.

We acknowledge that families are the first and foremost educators of a child, and in recognising this we aim to build on relationships, connections and conversations; being accessible to all, and engaging with mutual respect.

Children are individuals who have unique learning interests and needs and speeds. Not all learning can be planned or forecast. Sometimes the best learning just happens………

Our educators are influenced by a number of educational philosophies, whilst being guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework, Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework.


Please phone  5559 4540  or go to