A sense of identity, belonging and safety.

At Warrnambool West Primary School we expect all students to take pride in their school by wearing our school uniform.  We believe that the school uniform helps to give students a group identity and helps to develop, in a child, a sense of belonging within the school community.  It also provides a measure of security when students are on excursions or out of school at       special events.

Our School Uniform colours are navy and teal.

A full uniform list is supplied upon enrolment and can be requested from the office at any time.

A majority of our school uniform is available from the school office.

Specific items include:

  • Polar fleece Jumpers (with embroidered logo)
  • Polo Shirts (with logo)
  • Winter Tunics (sizes 6-10)
  • Winter Skirts (sizes 12-14)
  • Wide Brimmed Hats (with embroidered logo)
  • Winter beanie (with embroidered logo)

   Other ‘standard’ items are available from local suppliers (Target, Kmart, Lowes):

  • Navy shorts
  • Tracksuit pants
  • Navy and white check summer dresses

Our school is a Sun Smart School and as such requires students to wear a school wide brimmed hat whilst outside in Terms 1 & 4.  Those students without a hat are required to play in a designated shaded area.

 Art Smocks

An old shirt or smock should be worn to protect clothing.  Smocks can be purchased at K Mart and Target.

Lost Property

Any lost property is placed in the LOST PROPERTY basket.  If items are labeled they will be returned to the owner.

Please remember, thongs and other open toed footwear, singlet tops and hoodies are never suitable for school attire.