Student Conduct


Building healthy relationships.

At Warrnambool West Primary School the classroom values/rules are established at the beginning of the year, in consultation with students. These are displayed in each classroom. Consequences are discussed with students and agreed upon.

Our Whole School Behaviour Management is based on ‘Restorative Practices’ and ‘Traffic Lights’:

Restorative Practices assists teachers, students and parents to build, maintain and restore relationships. Restorative Practices helps to build capacity to enable students to self- regulate behaviour and contributes to the improvement of learning outcomes.

We use the Traffic Light system for providing visual warnings for inappropriate behaviours in the classroom, in a calm, non-confrontational way.  School values and expectations are consistently reinforced and students are encouraged to re-think their actions and the effect that it may have had on others.

Classroom teachers collect data from each day in regards to student behaviour.  This information is examined by the Principal towards the conclusion of each term.  Students who consistently display appropriate behaviour are treated to a ‘reward day’ and rewarded for their excellent efforts.  Students who consistently need to be reminded of how to demonstrate suitable behaviours are given added assistance and support.

Any negative or unacceptable behaviour that continues will be addressed by the Principal and/or Wellbeing co-ordinator and parents/carers are always consulted with when further appropriate action may need to be taken (in line with Department of Education and Training guidelines).

Please download our Student Code of Conduct booklet for more information.

WWPS Student Code of Conduct

WWPS Bullying is Not Acceptable