Warrnambool West Primary School is a 'Child Safe' and eSmart School.

“The internet offers the chance to explore a virtually limitless world without the constraints of the ‘real’ world. Content on the internet is not broken into age or developmental appropriate areas. Without supervision and guidance, a young child can either unintentionally or purposely find content that is disturbing, explicit or inappropriate.

Just as you would ensure that the books you read to your child are age appropriate and the TV shows they watch are suitably rated, you should monitor what your child is doing, and where they are going, online.

Most internet users will at some stage come across confronting content online and in the majority of cases this will not cause long-term harm. Problems can arise when this exposure is constant and is not discussed with a parent who can provide a balanced view.”  (Victorian Department of Education and Training)

Welcome to iParent (An Australian Government site), where parents can learn about the digital environment and keep updated on their children’s technology use.

Practical online modules to help parents understand cybersafety and cyberbullying.

Find out about all the technologies your child could be using at school, at home and on the go. We have a lot of great information on how gadgets work, their good points and what things you may need to be careful of.

Helping students to be safe, smart and responsible online.