Our Staff

Back row-left to right:

Vanessa Attrill (Business Manager), Zoe Evans (Year 1/2 teacher), Wendy Atchison (Year 3/4 teacher), Carolyn O’Rourke (Student Wellbeing Co-Ordinator), Phil Barnes (Principal), Steve Griffin (HPE, Music and Hands on Learning Specialist), Dale Beane (Year 4/5 teacher), Dianne Lukasz (Student Support), Sinead Hehir (Student Support).

Front row-left to right:

Georgia Whiting (Student Support), Sheryl Reed (Student Support), Jeanette Fitzsimmons (Student Support), Sarah Vincent (Office Assistant), Luca Dickinson (Year 1/2 teacher), Siobhan Lilley (Assistant Principal), Anne Roberton (Japanese Specialist), Margot Bail (Year 5/6 teacher).


Judith Irvine (Year Prep teacher), Tane Hayden (Student Support), Matthew Thomson (Library Specialist), Michael Burn (Buildings and Grounds),