Community Connectedness

At Warrnambool West Primary School we are extremely proud of our community involvement programs and of our connectedness to our school, local and wider communities.

It is widely known that students who are more civically engaged (active within their community) tend to perform better in school subjects such as reading, history, science and mathematics and are more apt to complete high school.

Some examples of our Student’s Connectedness to Community:

  • Weekly radio show on community radio
  • Participating Warrnambool Network of Government Schools events
  • Attending special community events and ceremonies
  • Visiting local Nursing Homes and Kinders
  • Delivering Meal on Wheels
  • Organising fundraising events for local and state organisations.
Thank you for your support

At Warrnambool West Primary School we are also extremely fortunate to have many volunteers and community groups that generously give their time and share their knowledge with our students.   In fact many of our wonderful programs would not be as successful as they are without our kind hearted and caring volunteers.

Some examples of our community volunteers:

  • KIWANIS- special event days and special awards
  • 3WAY FM -local community radio broadcast
  • Mentoring Program-‘Kid’s Hope’
  • Local Church Members-Literacy Support and Social       and Skill Development
  • Retired Teachers-Literacy Support
  • Lions Club, Extreme Life and our PFA-Breakfast Club
  • South West Embroidery Guild-Literacy Support